Our Announcement

It was the day after Thanksgiving. I came home from work and was supposed to get my period two days prior but nothing had come yet. My period has always been consistent and never really veered off its cycle so I knew something was up. For the past four months, my husband and I were doing everything in our power to try to get pregnant. From buying ovulation sticks, to downloading two apps on my phone that tracked the optimal time to get pregnant, nothing seemed to be working. We had just gotten back from a little vacation at the end of October and had somewhat given up on “trying”. Our nephew was born in August and we knew that if we happened to get pregnant in November there’s a slight chance that they’d have the same birthday (which we didn’t want). So, we went about our daily grind and seriously only did it once (maybe twice) this month. Ok, back to my story…

I came home from work that Friday afternoon and something inside of me told me to take a home pregnancy test. We had a few of them lying around since we’ve been trying for a while and a few minutes later the empty white box turned into a plus sign. I didn’t believe my eyes at first so I waited a bit but it only got bolder and easier to read. I was so excited that I wanted to share the news with everyone but I held back and didn’t get my hopes up. I packed the test in a little cute box and presented it to Titan when he got home a few hours later. He opened the box thinking it was a Christmas present I had gotten for someone that he wanted me to look at. To his surprise he unwrapped the wrapping paper and yelled “Yobo is this for real? Your preggo?” I told him I had taken the test a few hours ago and that I think I am. We both shared a hug and kiss and I told him to not get his hopes up and I would re-test in the morning.

The next day I woke up and went straight to the cabinet anticipating my morning pee. I used a different pregnancy test brand this time just in case there was a glitch or perhaps something wrong with the other brand. A few minutes later, two lines appeared and I yelled out “Yobo it’s positive!” We again shared that intimate moment as if a weight was lifted off our shoulders. All those months of being discouraged God had finally answered our prayers. I still had reservations about the whole thing and didn’t want to get my hopes up just yet. At this point I was probably only four or five weeks pregnant so anything could happen. We’re excited about this new chapter in our lives and look forward to the entirely new book that’s about to be written.