BODY & EXERCISE - Foam rollers

I recently hurt my hip and after seeing a medical doctor and finding out there was nothing structurally wrong with me, I decided to see a chiropractor. After looking over x-rays and doing some examinations, he concluded that the muscles near my hip attached itself to my bones and that's what causes the pain. (see picture below) In addition to office visits and adjustments, he suggested I purchase a foam roller and try to "roll" the area out while on my own time. So, like any good patient does, I took his advice and started the exercise. 

First, it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Thanks to the internet and YouTube, I looked up a few exercises to replicate. Second, when in motion, these foam rollers really hurt! I guess that's the point when you're trying to get your body better and if it doesn't hurt then there shouldn't be anything wrong with you right? But these little things are packed with so much density that when you apply pressure to the area that's bothering you, you really feel the pain. 

After a few days of using it I know I can feel a difference. My hip isn't as tight and I can move around without pain a lot better. What has your experience been like using a foam roller? 

Below is an illustration of my attached muscle and foam roller exercise videos I found useful:

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