BEAUTY - Ewok got a haircut

When we first got Ewok, he was a long haired dog and was really shaggy looking. We named him Ewok because of yhis look. For the first time yesterday, we took him to the groomers. The temperatures are rising here and recently noticed he likes to sleep on the bathroom floor since it's nice and cool unlike the bedroom carpet or on the bed like he usually does. Prior to his grooming, he trimmed him a couple of times because his hair kept getting in his eyes and having a long haired dog got pretty messy at times. I was a little nervous on how he would behave. He's generally a really good dog and loves to play. He's not afraid of strangers and likes to be pet so I was afraid that he would be too playful and give the groomers a hard time. When Titan picked him up the groomer said he was a very good dog and did well. I came home a little later and didn't know what to expect. All Titan told me was "you're not going to recognize him". I opened the door to my bedroom and there he was! A puppy that I definitely didn't recognize. He was so trimmed down that he no longer looked like an Ewok. I think it will get a little getting used to but what do you think? Too much of a trim or just right?

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