Hawaii definitely has one of the best weather on the planet! During the summer it's never too hot and during the winter it's never too cold. Where else can you go swimming in the ocean or tan on the beach in the middle of December when it's considered Winter?! This past week we've been having phenomenal weather conditions. Granted, the trade winds were gone and we've been having what we call "Kona Winds" and the temperatures are beginning to rise a tad bit, there isn't much more to complain about. It's been a pretty dry year as far as rain goes and although we've had some close calls with Mother Nature, we've been spared.

Because I work in an office all day I don't get the leisure of enjoying our weather as much as I wish I could, when I get off work the weather is still nice out and the sun is still shining so I can't really complain. Thank you God for allowing me to live in such a beautiful place. A place that people spend thousands of dollars to visit to escape the cold or enjoy the weather, and I get to enjoy it every day for free! Happy Aloha Friday everyone and have a great Memorial Day weekend! 

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