Quiet time reflection

Before giving birth I thought I would be bored staying home with the baby while on maternity. leave I thought I would have a tone of time to do things and I would be asking to go back to work early. Boy was I wrong! Nowadays, my life consists of feedings, pumping, changing diapers, rocking a screaming baby, looking for his favorite pacifier, rinse and repeat. Daily checklists and errands to run have consumed me, and in all honesty I haven't been able to spend some quiet time with God. These past three months have flown by and although I love being Jet's mommy, sometimes I just wish I had more time.

This afternoon, I was able to sneak away to the other room while Jet had his afternoon nap and opened my bible for the first time in months. What started out as an "I'll just read one chapter since that's better than nothing" turned into "oh that was good I need to keep reading". I came across a verse that really made me feel less guilty about not having enough time and reminded me that God sees our needs (Nehemiah 1). This new season in my life will be such a learning experience and my hope is to share this journey with all of you. My prayer is that I am able to get more of these quiet times with God and through Him learn to be an exceptional wife and mom.

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