FOOD - Fried Rice

Anytime fried rice is on the menu I'll pay the little extra and order it. In some cases, I'll even eat just that as my meal. I LOVE FRIED RICE! There's many ways to make it and my thought is that it's just a combination of your favorite things. It also makes a good quick meal of combining whatever you have left in your fridge or using left over rice from last night's dinner. I usually make a breakfast style fried rice containing: white rice, scrambled eggs, and either spam or Portuguese sausage, and of course oyster sauce to blend it all together. I've seen a variety of ways for fried rice and if you live or get the chance to visit Oahu, here are my top fried rice spots that I've tried so far. Where are your favorite fried rice places?

ASAHI Grill - Lupchong Fried Rice

Boots & Kimos Fried Rice

Big City Diner's - Uncle Danny's Fried Rice

Elena's Restaurant - Pork Adobo Fried Rice Omelet

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