Puppy Training


Yesterday was the first day of puppy training class. We signed Ewok up for the Puppy 1 class at our neighborhood Petco. His classes last one hour in length once a week for six weeks. He was exhausted by the end of the night and couldn't even stay awake on the car ride home! The first day was more of an introduction of what they'll cover in the class and we began teaching him some commands. He was already ahead of the class since he knew how to respond to when his name was called him and sit. We try to train him as much as we can while were home. 

Petco implements a positive reinforcement type of class so it's reward based. They use the word "Yes" instead good girl/boy and when your pup has an accident, instead of scolding him/her you're supposed to just ignore them, clean it up, and pretend like nothing happened. I don't know how I feel about that last one. How's a pup supposed to know what they did was wrong? Ewok's been having a few accidents himself while he's at home so I guess it doesn't hurt to try this new method. I must admit though, he's a very smart dog and was definitely well behaved in public. Let's just hope my real human kids are the same! Have a good weekend!

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