BODY, FOOD, AND EXERCISE - Do's and Don'ts while on your period

The female body is an interesting one. Although we share many of the same structural similarities as our male counterparts, there's one thing that's definitely different than the male body... MENSTRUATION. If you're a male reading this, you may think to yourself "Ok I'm done reading this!" but wait a second, this post could actually be very beneficial for you to understand the life of a woman better and may even give you some brownie points with the women in your lives. Here's a few factoids and suggestions while on your mensie.

PAIN - According to the Huffington Post, 40-70 percent of women have experienced some sort of menstruation pain. Whether it be bloating, um comfortableness, cramps, swollen and tender breasts, or pain in the back, these sores are usually associated to the menstruation cycle.  

EMOTION - The term PMS has been linked to the Premenstrual syndrome (occurring only during the luteal phase). The three most prominent symptoms are irritability  tension, and dysphoria (unhappiness). Common emotional symptoms also include stress, anxiety, insomnia, headache, fatigue, mood swings, and increased emotional sensitivity.

FOOD - Below is a list of do's and don'ts of food to eat while on your period:

Do's                                                        Don'ts
Fruits                                                     Caffeine
GreenVegetables                                  Too much salt
Dark Chocolate                                    Spicy foods
Water                                                     Greasy foods
Beans                                                     Oily foods
Tofu                                                        Sweets
Peanuts                                                 Alcohal
Whole Grains

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