Honolulu Night Market

Last weekend I attended the Honolulu Night Market. It was my first time there and I was really excited to see what it's all about. It's a once a month event held near downtown Honolulu in more of the artsy district of Kaka'ako. I've been to the area before but never really took the time to walk through the warehouses and see all the murals and shops that are there. When we first got there, I noticed the huge crowd that was cramped into the blocked off road. As you enter, there are artists and food trucks/tents on the left and to the right there are shops. It was like a pack of sardines trying to weave through people that were in line to get food. The food was a smaller scale of eat the street and the typical food vendors. We tried the chicken and pork skewers and Thai iced tea from a Thai restaurant and the sweet and savory malasadas. 

Photo: Spent my day with this girl. :-) Ended the night with sweet and savory malasadas. Third weekend in a row going to these kind of events, haha.

Haole guy from the event: "oh I get it, it's like an outside food court. No wonder this state has an overweight problem!"

Towards the back from the entrance there was a little area set up for people who wanted to sit and sketch. It appeared to be some sort of life sized birds nest (at least that's what I interpreted it as). I thought it was such a cool concept and I know a lot of hard work must have gone in to set it up. For $5 you were given a sketch pad and people sat around and sketched what they saw. It was so neat! 

Later that night in another warehouse was a bunch of pop up boutique shops. Some people sold hand crafted items, some local boutiques sold their items, and others sold gently used items. I love going to these types of things... it's like finding treasure! I'm really into the whole one of a kind crafts and boutique clothing so as you can guess... we spent a lot of time here. 

Overall, it was a good event. I wish I had taken more pictures but with the amount of people there and caring for Ewok who sat in my bag all night, it wasn't the first thing on my mind. I highly encourage people to who have never been to go. It's great to see all the people come out for a similar cause: TO SUPPORT ART. 

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