LIFE - Mentorship

I have been very fortunate to come across some very influential people in my life. This one individual has known me since my graduate school days and one that I look up to not only professionally but personally. She exuberates all the characteristics I want to have: polite, witty, strong, educated, and great sense of style. This person has heard the complaints, the praises, the tears, and the laughter. She knows my struggles as a young professional and also knows what I've had to deal with in my personal life. To me, she has it all. 

There are all kinds of mentors. There are spiritual mentors, a big brother/big sister type mentor, and even friends or parent's friends who can be mentors. I think mentorship is so valuable. Why can't more people be like this? Why can't there be more people who want to mentor our generation or just be a listening ear? 

It took me a while to find her but the wait was totally worth it. After several months of searching high and low and getting the traditional "I would love to meet with you so I'll let you know when it's a good time" speech I finally fond someone whom I know is busy, whom I know would rather be tending to much more important things, but still makes the time to guide me and steer me in the right direction. Yes, we have our disagreements and no, I don't do everything she says but knowing that I have her here to help me process career decisions has meant the world to me. So to my mentor, THANK YOU! 

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