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If you've ever traveled with me to the mainland the one store I must stop at is H&M. Living in Honolulu we have a lot of the stores you'll find on the West Coast and our tax is usually a lot cheaper so I prefer to shop at places we don't have here. Case in point... H&M. There have been rumors that H&M will be coming to Oahu soon and I've been considering picking up a part-time job just so I could get the fabulous discount! Although, H&M is still available in an online version to us Hawaii shoppers who have yet to have an actual store. I also verified, they ship to Hawaii and it's not oobber expensive like most online shops :) 

The top, I love how it's slouchy enough to hide all the right places yet the waistband allows me to show off that I do have a waist. The royal blue tasteless add a pop of color that I like. 

The ripped jeans. I personally don't own a pair so I would want to try it on. I also gives the look an edgier and relaxed look.

The purse. I love how it's two toned. Big enough to fit everything I need and fashionable at the same time. 

The shoes. Gladiator sandals are always in style when you live in Hawaii. This just pulls the whole outfit together. 

H&M is currently holding a contest 50 STATES OF FASHION. How it works:

1. Upload a picture of yourself on Instagram with the hashtag corresponding to your state.

2.  Share your image with friends to get more votes. The top voted images from each state will be sent to judges for final judging. 

3. H&M will pick the Grand prize winner who will receive a $1,000.00 H&M gift card and trip for two to New York to attend an H&M event. 

Good luck and happy voting!

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  1. Awesome post, Irene! Loved H&M when I discovered it on the mainland! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the rumors hold true! :)