STYLE - Back to school back packs

One thing I've always loved about a new school year was a new back pack. Nowadays, back packs come in all sorts of styles and colors it makes me want to go back to school just to go shopping for one all over again. 

Jansport. This was the most reliable back pack I've found over the years. Hugely popular among students, this back pack is very reliable and pretty affordable. I would totally rock this color by Tillys

Over the years, Jansport evolved to offer the same durability but came out with differnent styles and colors. I love this denim with flowers print from Tillys

As I got older, Roxy was the brand to have. Although always cute in style, these were not very durable and more on the pricier side. In my sophomore year of high school I went through two Roxy back packs in one semester and by the end of the year it was my Jansport bag from the year before that held out the best. I love this cute Roxy bag from Roxy 

As I transitioned into college, my back pack style started to stray way from the bright and bold colors and prints and went more in a simple and basic direction. Something like this Roxy bag from Zumiez was more college appropriate.

Now out of college I rarely use back packs. The only time I really use them is for travel. These are more of my current style. What do you like in a good back pack? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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