LIFE: Young adults and religion

Religion is always such a touchy subject to talk about especially in public but I'll give it a try. As a young adult, I've found it difficult and sometimes impossible to connect with other church goers my age. Either they're too young, too old, in different life stages, or sometimes I just don't feel like being sociable myself. The young adult age bracket is so spread out that there are a variety of young adults out there. 

1. The just graduated from high school and now I'm in college.

2. The I just graduated from college and now I'm a working professional.

3. The single one looking for their perfect match.

4. The I'm in a serious relationship but not yet married.

5. The we're already married.

6. The I have kids.

Somewhere somehow everyone falls into one or more of those categories. Trying to get everyone from the different categories come together... challenging.  It's no hidden secret that managing the young adult group at your church is not an easy task. But what makes a young adult group strive? The Huffington Post came out with an interesting article that shares How to Attract Young Adults.

For me, going to church was always something I did. Whether I liked it or not I was there. Sometimes I went for the pure satisfaction of my parents and other times it was simply because I had nothing better to do. But, there were times that I knew I needed it. There was something about being at church that gave me a sense of peace and I felt complete. 

Finding the right church and young adult group took a lot of "growing up" on my part. I parted ways from a church that I grew up in and ventured out to another church that still shared the same beliefs yet was able to meet my needs in a different way. There are a lot of great churches and ministry centers out there it just takes some time finding the right one for you. 

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