Nails and Fashion

This weekend I stumbled upon NCLA, a fashion forward, runway inspired nail polish and wraping company. Worn by my personal favorite Lauren Conrad, I had to check it out.

NCLA's mission is beauty. fashion. California. They produce nail wraps inspired by high fashion. Partnering with big names such as Fashion Week, Glamour magazine, and worn by celebrities such as Beyonce. In addition to wraps, NCLA offers tons of nail polish colorings to match any outfit.

How its used: Simply apply the wrap of your choice and coat with with a clear nail polish. Claimed to be "combined with a Gloss it base and flawless top coat, we deliver a chip free manicure."  This product is not tested on animals and their color listing evolve constantly just as fashion does.

I haven't gotten a chance to test out NCLA yet but be assured that this is definitely on my MUST TRY list. I  personally love the galaxy and Aly En Vogue wraps. Pair them up with outfits from the STITCH.

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