Take two...

I know I promised myself (and readers) that I would start blogging on a more consistent basis but these past two months have been nothing but crazy! Yesterday, as I had happy hour with a friend she encouraged me to continue my blog. This blog has definitely been my outlet to share what's on my mind and utilize my God given talent to write. So here we go, take two!

I've always had a niche for fashion but never in my wildest dreams would I ever think to myself, I'm going to own a boutique one day. This was a huge risk and an even bigger leap of faith. 

I'm proud to announce to you the STITCH. It's an online womens clothing boutique that offer cute and trendy clothes at affordable prices. Shoppers can visit www.shopthestitch.com to view amazing items from dresses, bottoms, tops, and even SALE items. This process has been quite amazing. Every day is something new and find myself smiling at the end of every day knowing I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. 

Thank you to all my existing the STITCH customers who help support me in doing what I love and pushing me to continue fueling this passion. 

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